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The Veritas Tenants Association (VTA) — your citywide tenant union for renters living in Veritas/GreenTree buildings — is bringing rent increases to the negotiating table! This means a coordinated set of actions over time to win a citywide contract, or agreement, for all the VTA-represented buildings on the specific issue of banked rent increases and pass-throughs.


Veritas — SF’s biggest landlord with $4.5 billion in assets — wants to impose rent increases and pass-throughs that have accumulated over the last three years (2020, 2021, 2022). The total rent increase, whether it’s imposed all at once or over time, is more than 13%. During those three years, Veritas took advantage of Covid-19 pandemic relief, got $90 million to buy buildings in Los Angeles, and received about $5.7 million from the federal government’s small-business program — which was then forgiven.


As rent-controlled tenants, we should expect reasonable and fair increases. We should also expect that a landlord avoids excessive increases, especially when those increases are not needed to cover operating costs. It is not our responsibility to help Veritas increase profit for their investors, while our neighbors and neighborhoods work to stay afloat from the impacts of the pandemic.

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VTA members like Debbie are saying: Enough is enough.

The rent doesn’t have to be this high, and the VTA can do something about it.

For example, VTA member Debbie Nunez, a 30-year tenant in Lower Nob Hill, received a 12.9% rent increase for October 1, 2022. You and your neighbors will also eventually receive these rent increases either in increments or all at once.



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Right to Organize



Share these downloadable & printable infosheets in EnglishSpanish and Chinese with your neighbors!

Here is the Tenant Association Certification Petition in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

As of April 11, 2022, tenant associations in San Francisco in buildings with five or more units have new rights and protections. The new law—the first of its kind in the country—includes several key features that make tenant associations stronger and safer than ever before. We understand that organizing is a right that ALL tenants can assert, not something granted by a government.


We will continue spreading info about tenant rights and tools like the new Union At Home law, while we build tenant power together across the city despite legislative limitations.

RENT BOARD advocacy

VTA members advocate for their rights at the San Francisco Rent Board. To learn more, please contact VTA’s Non-Attorney Tenant Representative, Brad Hirn:

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