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Know your rights

The first of its kind in the country:
The Union At Home (UAH) law gives San Francisco tenants new rights and protections to organize themselves and bargain collectively with powerful landlords.

You have the legal right to collectively bargain with your landlord: San Francisco tenants are now encouraged to form legally recognized unions that collectively bargain over rent levels, passthroughs, maintenance, safety and much more. Report any violations of your rights right away.

  • Legally Recognized: If your building is five units or more and owned by a private landlord, then you and your neighbors are eligible to form a Union At Home (UAH).

  • Right to Organize: You have the right to speak to your neighbors about forming a Union At Home (UAH), hold meetings in common areas, and invite guests to join you.

  • Right to Bargain: Once you form a Union At Home (UAH) your landlord is required by law to bargain with you and your neighbors in good faith.

  • Simple Majority: The only requirement to start a Union At Home (UAH) is to getting the support of more than half of your neighbors—then you submit a legal petition.

  • Rent Reduction Penalties: If your landlord violates your right to organize or fails to bargain in good faith you and your neighbors may be entitled to rent reductions.

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